City Culture Sneak Peek

by Katie on January 10, 2015

So excited to be able to work with these pretties by Bella Nonna Quilt Design for Island Batik. See them in person at Spring 2015 International Quilt Market!

SO excited to start playing with these pretties today! #cityculturefabric #ilovemyjob #islandbatik #bellanonnaquilt


2015 Quilty Goals

by Katie on January 4, 2015

I wish to finish three quilts this year. I have SO MANY on which I wish to work, but these, my friends, have deadlines. And deadlines make all the difference.

1. Busy City – For Jonah, a little guy who loves anything with wheels or wings! These blocks have been so fun so far, and I have GOT to get it to Jonah before moves on to loving other things! May 1 Deadline

Busy City Quilt

2. Noah’s Quilt – This quilt needs to be quilted, bound, and sent to my nephew Noah! The top has been finished for years. YEARS! It’s about time I get it sent to the baby little man it was meant for. July 1 Deadline

3. Sew Spooky – I was SO GOOD, keeping up with this BOM as the blocks were sent to me. Then Market season came and, well, let’s just say I’m “a bit” behind. September 1 Deadline

Sew Spooky Progress

Someone please hold me accountable!

UPDATE: It’s nearly May 2015 and #1 has a loooong way to go. It’s just not happening. And let’s be honest, neither is #3. But #2 is all finished and I can’t wait to give it to Noah!

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by Katie on December 30, 2014

I should really cook with these more often! YUM!

Fresh herbs. Yum!


Recreating a Tutu

by Katie on December 23, 2014

Go-Go Kim shared this on Facebook this weekend and, well, I couldn’t stop watching it. I still can’t! *drool*

New York City Ballet “Recreating a Tutu” from Galen Summer on Vimeo.


Pattern Obsession

by Katie on December 22, 2014

Oh my. If I keep buying patterns at this rate, my pattern stash will likely outpace my fabric stash in no time. This should worry me. It doesn’t.

After a fabulous Fall Market and seeing SO MANY gorgeous new patterns, these are the ones I’m not quite sure I can live without for much longer.

Orange DynastyFabric Confetti

Orange Dynasty - Fabric Confetti

Image | Fabric Confetti

I LOVE ORANGE! So naturally, this quilt “spoke to me”. Well, it more like sang to me. “Oh Katie dearest, you must make me! You must, you must!” I actually have this beauty on my desk (the fusible applique version) – I just can’t decide which fabrics I’m going to use. Like many of Vanessa’s quilts, there is quite a bit of historical inspiration behind the design. I particularly love the story behind this one!

PotpourriFabric Confetti

Potpourri - Fabric Confetti

Image | Fabric Confetti

Another beauty from Vanessa, this one just sings, “Make me!” I adore the Kaffe fabrics she used to bring the scene to life. You just can’t not smile when looking at it, amiright?!

All the Pretty Colors – Felicia’s World

All the Pretty Colors - Felicia's World

Image | Felicia’s World

When I first saw All the Pretty Colors, I instantly thought of three people who absolutely need to have this quilt in their lives (not including this author who does, indeed, NEED this quilt). The pattern will be available in early 2015. I CAN’T WAIT! Wouldn’t it be fun to have some color names embroidered onto the pencils, too? So cute!

Full BloomFourth and Sixth Designs

Full Bloom

Image | Fourth and Sixth Designs

A floral quilt like you’ve never seen before! Full Bloom is the name of both this fabulous fabric line and THIS amazing quilt by the talented sisters behind Fourth and Sixth Designs. It LOOKS terribly complex, but after hearing Barb and Mary explain how it’s done, even a novice applique quilter (and let’s be honest, novice quilter in general) is excited to start the project! Stunning!

Knotty QuiltingCheri Good Quilt Design

Knotty Quilting - Cheri Good Quilt Design

Image | Cheri Good Quilt Design

I adore Cheri Good’s approachable designs, and the little trick this one plays on your eyes is so much fun! I LOVE the soft purple batiks used throughout the quilt – it’s simply heavenly!

Which patterns have YOU been crushing on recently?! I have SO many more I must share…but they shall have to wait for another post. πŸ˜€


Anchors Away!

by Katie on November 30, 2014

Someone at work recently welcomed a granddaughter into her family! Yay! I learned that the grandbaby would share a room with her older sibling, so I wanted to make matching or coordinating quilts for both of the wee ones.

After some not to subtle detective work, I learned that the room was going to be navy and white with pops of yellow. My original plan was to have navy and white striped quilts with applique names in yellow on each. But, because I was working with a deadline and the baby girl’s name hadn’t been finalized, I opted for some anchors instead (I figured it was a safe bet for a family living in a costal community).

I’m not sure if the room ended up being navy and white, but I hope the little ones will be able to put the quilts to good use anyway (maybe the quilts can go to the beach for play time! πŸ˜‰ ).

Naturally, I used fabrics from work – a fabulous navy, white, pink and red batik!

Red Anchor Quilt

Pink Anchor Quilt

My original plan was to use a fusible for the anchors (which I drew up in Illustrator), but I didn’t want them to be stiff! My solution was to trace the shape onto fusible, trimming away the excess leaving about an inch around all sides. I then cut away the inside of the shape, leaving about one half inch along my trace line. After ironing this very flimsy shape to the back of my applique fabric, I cut out the shape on my trace line. NOT the best method, but it worked (though my shape was a bit skewed when compared to my original). If there were a next time, I’d use freezer paper and applique glue for the same (well, probably better) results! After fusing the layers, I zig zag stitched the shapes down (because I don’t have a better option)!

I quilted horizontal straight lines along and in between the navy and white stripes using my walking foot (my favorite method so far). I bound the quilts and voila – gave the quilts to the second time grandmama to give to her grandbabies. :)


Old Bricks

by Katie on November 30, 2014

I simply cannot resit them. Spotted in St. Charles, Missouri. *swoon*

Can't resist old bricks.


Doughnuts – Do not try this at home.

by Katie on November 23, 2014

Finally got a pan for baking donuts! Tried a recipe this afternoon…NOT delicious. The hunt continues for a delicious, cakey, baked doughnut recipe. Any good suggestions? 10 points if it does NOT include a cake mix!

Finally got a pan for baking donuts! Tried a recipe this afternoon...NOT delicious. Any good recipe suggestions?


Pumpkin Mug Rug Pattern

by Katie on October 7, 2014

I get to work with some awesome pattern designers through my job. Talented artists (and IMHO, mathematicians πŸ˜‰ ) and all-around lovely people. Having the opportunity to work with them makes my job so much fun!

But, even after two years of working with designers, I really had no clue about the process they go through to bring patterns to market. I wanted a little taste of what that was like!

Let’s just say this little experiment has given me so much respect for pattern designers! Not that I didn’t have respect for them before, but wow. Even this teeny tiny little pattern took hours of work!

I love all-things pumpkin and fall and orange and tea and paper piecing so I figured a foundation paper pieced mug rug was the perfect thing to try. Here she is! I used a mix of prints and batik for my sample. :)

Pumpkin Mug Rug |

>>> Download the pattern here! <<<

Thank you to Jennifer and Toni for testing this pattern out! If anyone else downloads the pattern and stitches it up, please send me a picture – I’d love to see it! And of course, if you find any mistakes (or have suggestions for improvement), please send those my way too. :)

Happy stitching!

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September Guild Meeting – Carolyn Friedlander

by Katie on September 14, 2014

Ooooh exciting times! I love being a guild member. The ladies of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild are the best! Meetings are full of fabulous quilts and lots of laughs – I not-so-secretly wish we had more than one meeting a month.

The September meeting’s guest was the one, the only, the completely fabulous pattern and fabric designer, Carolyn Friedlander! We had the opportunity to meet her and see many of her lovely quilts up close. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening!

Here are three of my faves being presented:

Local by Carolyn FriedlanderLocal

Botanics by Carolyn FriedlanderBotanics

Aerial Grove by Carolyn FriedlanderAerial Grove, from Carolyn’s new book, Savor Each Stitch

And here is me with the designer herself, clutching my signed copy of Savor Each Stitch. πŸ˜€ Thanks, Diane, for snapping this for me!

Carolyn Friedlander and Katie Laughridge

What is YOUR favorite CF pattern? Visit her website if you don’t yet have one. πŸ˜‰

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