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by Katie on March 24, 2016

I’m by no means a designer, but I do appreciate good design and the work and talent that goes into it!

When a friend or relative has a design challenge, I try to help if I can! It’s a fun way to help someone out (and pay it forward for all the design help I’ve been given in my lifetime!) and I usually learn a thing or two along the way. My aunt Mary is an embroidery pro and has a one-woman operation where she makes custom pieces for her customers. She was interested in a logo, so I offered to [attempt to] design one for her!

Here is the first round of designs we put together after discussing some brands she found aesthetically pleasing.


I was really pleased with how they turned out, other than the scissors on #4 looks like an “X” instead of a “K”! After some thought, she landed on logo #6, with the minor change of adding “handmade goods”. I sent another round of logos to pick from, all versions of #6.


We both liked #3 the best – it just “felt right”. :) So! I mocked up that logo with a couple of print-at-home label concepts to inspire her until she lands on a label design she likes. I envision these printed on kraft card stock from a home printer, trimmed, the punched with a hole punch, then attached to a product with ribbon. Simple and cost efficient!


Thanks for letting me play with these, Auntie Mary! I can’t wait to make up some labels and see them printed and wrapped around your products!

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