Coastal Living Room Inspiration – Seafoam and Coral

by Katie on August 23, 2011

Waking up by the ocean can be a very inspiring thing. Hearing seagulls and waves during our neighborhood walks just makes me happy, especially on sunny days. While I have to admit I was never really into the “coastal look” (i.e. seashells and starfish, sand in jars, life preservers hanging on walls, etc.), I DO love the colors that so often pop up in beachy decor. Especially seafoam and coral.

Seafoam + Coral Living Room Inspiration

I used to be vehemently against whites and creams and khakis together, but now I quite like the look, especially when paired with either bold or light/pastel colors. I think they make the perfect backdrop for showcasing any non-neutral color.

Gotta have a little chevron (here in a rug), and some natural wood and rope accents – perhaps one or two chests grouped with a rope stool or three chests in a row as a coffee table or ottoman replacement. I liked these two pieces because they are just rustic enough without creaming “fishing boat”. Wooden seafoam tables make the perfect end tables, and a set of drawers would be a great accent along an empty wall or as a television stand.

Normally I’d keep rattan outside, but I think these chairs add a nice natural touch and if cushioned correctly, could actually be quite comfy. Finish the room with some patterned fabric curtains and pillows and some red-orange coral accents.

Voila! The perfect room for reading, napping, or just lounging around gazing out the ocean. *sigh*

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