Mary Makes

by Katie on March 24, 2016

I’m by no means a designer, but I do appreciate good design and the work and talent that goes into it!

When a friend or relative has a design challenge, I try to help if I can! It’s a fun way to help someone out (and pay it forward for all the design help I’ve been given in my lifetime!) and I usually learn a thing or two along the way. My aunt Mary is an embroidery pro and has a one-woman operation where she makes custom pieces for her customers. She was interested in a logo, so I offered to [attempt to] design one for her!

Here is the first round of designs we put together after discussing some brands she found aesthetically pleasing.


I was really pleased with how they turned out, other than the scissors on #4 looks like an “X” instead of a “K”! After some thought, she landed on logo #6, with the minor change of adding “handmade goods”. I sent another round of logos to pick from, all versions of #6.


We both liked #3 the best – it just “felt right”. :) So! I mocked up that logo with a couple of print-at-home label concepts to inspire her until she lands on a label design she likes. I envision these printed on kraft card stock from a home printer, trimmed, the punched with a hole punch, then attached to a product with ribbon. Simple and cost efficient!


Thanks for letting me play with these, Auntie Mary! I can’t wait to make up some labels and see them printed and wrapped around your products!



by Katie on August 8, 2012

Long story short, herringbone is the new chevron. It’s only natural – herringbone is like chevron’s older, more sophisticated sister. I can’t give up on chevron completely though, but there is something about that structured, preppy pattern of herringbone that I adore.

Check it out.

rug | throws | art | lapels | cowl | mug | journal | boots

Perfection, no?

Any guesses as to what the new herringbone will be?


Simple Blog Planner Printable

by Katie on August 2, 2012

Every once in a while, and I do mean once in a while (NOT), I procrastinate. In school, I’d clean and organize things to put off doing homework. Now, I mess around on my computer to put off cleaning and organizing. My most recent project stems from my calendar/planner A.D.D., in which I tire of my calendar or planner before the year is actually over and dream of a new one. It’s a bare bones weekly blog calendar in Word document form that you can add graphics and your blog name or logo to. It has a space for each day of the week and checkboxes for social media tidbits (if you share links in those places). Here is one that I added some cute, tiny vintage bikes to along with “Live Originally” at the top. Nothing too fancy. :)

To download, edit, and print the .docx file, click here. Edit the “Blog Name or Logo” by clicking the text. The textbox will be highlighted so you can either edit its contents or delete it all together. To insert a logo that you’ve already made, click Insert > Picture > From File. Make sure you set the layout position for a new image to “in front of text” so it doesn’t push the image that makes up the rest of the document out of alignment. If nothing changes once you upload your logo, everything is good! (Note: If you ever use Word, I’m sure you know how to do all of this! I wanted to include instructions just in case someone not too familiar with the program stumbled across this and wanted to use it). If you have any desire for the Photoshop file, email me and I’ll send it your way.

But, that’s not all, folks! I also whipped up some monthly calendars for the rest of the year. They are already fleshed out (though there is still not much to them, as you can see in “December” below). Download and print the PDFs by clicking these: AUGUST | SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER | NOVEMBER | DECEMBER

Please let me know if any of these files don’t download properly or if you have any issues accessing them. AND, there are TONS of blog planners out there that are far better looking and much more planned out than the above. Just search for them on Pinterest if you want more (and better) options! :)

Happy Blogging!

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Raindrops keep falling on my head

by Katie on July 30, 2012

Actually, that’s a lie. It doesn’t rain much here in sunny SoCal. πŸ˜‰ But when it does rain, I do love it! In the nearly two years we’ve lived here, I’ve only heard thunder and seen lightening a single time. I don’t miss most midwest weather, but I do miss the occasional thunder storm. Is there quite anything like falling asleep in your cozy bed, wrapped in blankets, to the sound of rain falling on your windows? I think not!

I have been thinking about rain (and clouds) lately because I have been seeing them pop up all over the place! I’ve spotted the motif on everything from graphics to jewelry to my favorite, mobiles (though it was almost a four-way tie between the mobiles, cookies, marshmallows, and straw decorations)! I adore them in any shape and size and in any color too, though I’m particularly fond of the white clouds and colorful raindrops.

Here is a little roundup of cloud + raindrop spottings!

1. Rain Cloud Mobile by The Butter Flying. | 2. Cloud Mobile by Gosh & Golly | 3. Silver Cloud Necklace from AdeloCreations. | 4. Dark Cloud Hoop Art by Pilli Pilli. | 5. Cloud art on Pour Mes Jolis Momes. | 6. Cloud cookies by Emilie Guelpa via Decor8. | 7. Pink Rain All Around the World by Atelier Pompadour Note: It was a one of a kind piece that has already been sold, but it might just be worth a custom order request! πŸ˜‰ | 8. Cloud and raindrop art via I Like Nice Things. | 9. Dew Drop in Indigo by Tula Pink via Lily Bella Fabrics. | 10. Raindrop family. Can’t find the original source – any ideas? | 11. Marshmallow clouds from Herriott Grace featured on Little. Lovely. Note: I don’t see them on the site any more, but rumor has it that you can find these at World Market. | 12. Straw decorations for a whimsical baby shower from Lisa Storms.

Aren’t they just lovely? Though rain and clouds often have negative connotations (i.e. “Don’t rain on my parade!”), these just make me happy.

Where else have you seen clouds and (or) raindrops popping up?

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Sarah Jane Studios

by Katie on June 12, 2012

Woohoo! I attended my first ever Quilt Market in my hometown of Kansas City a few weeks ago and it was quite an experience. I got to witness some of my favorite designers present their new lines, see new and exciting designers and their lines being showcased, and oogle at all the goodies quilt shop owners get to see before they end up in stores. Even though quilting is only one of the many crafty things I enjoy doing, I got quite a kick out of being there!

Let me share with you my absolute favorite bit of the show. – Sarah Jane Studios

I fell head over heels in love with Sarah’s work – her fabric, prints, cards, and embroidery patterns are so sweet. Everything is just charming.

Her booth was in one word, amazing. I saw it and didn’t want to leave (I may have actually tried to spend the rest of the day – and night – just hanging around had her very nice husband not been there). It showcased her new line, Out to Sea, which has the cutest, most adorable nautical theme I have ever seen. AND, the icing on the cake – she has designs and colors for boys AND GIRLS! There just isn’t enough “girly nautical” out there, am I right?! Check out the pictures I snapped at her booth, and some images I snagged from her website so you can drool over Out to Sea yourself!

Here are the few I took – the whole booth (well, what I could get in the shot), and the more masculine side then the more feminine side.

Check out this post and this post to see all the behind the scenes goodness of Sarah’s setup at Quilt Market.

And check out the Out to Sea line with images from Sarah’s blog:

Doesn’t just looking at them give you warm fuzzies all over? And make you want to cuddle up in a comfy chair on your beach cottage’s porch with a good book? *sigh* I cannot get enough of them. Read more about all the sweet details here.

You simply must check out Sarah’s shop to see everything else she has! If you haven’t fallen in love already, you will. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter!


Art Deco Fonts

by Katie on February 15, 2012

I love a good typeface. And since all things 20s-30s are so en vogue at the moment, I thought I’d collect a few that reflect the era. Not that I have any use for them…I just like seeing them in my FontBook. πŸ˜‰

Download || Batho || Riesling || Fantaisie Artistique || Campanile || Hill House || Macarena || Reynold Art Deco || Art Nouveau 1895 || Carmencita || Cruickshank || Xayax || Konanur || Matchbook || Matchbook Serif

There are so, so many more out there – these are just a few to get you started! Have one that you adore but wasn’t included above? Please share with me in the comments!!


Blog Calendars

by Katie on December 14, 2011

I found some super cute calenders online for helping organize your blog posts and topics, and I liked them so much I tried to make my own. At the time, I liked them…but as I edited them in Word, I realized I didn’t like them so much, but they work, so I thought I’d share ’em with fellow bloggers.

Check out this example, and a few downloadable (and editable) options below it. :)


I think my next batch will be a little more…interesting to look at an include weekends. Yay!


Chevron Stationary from Delphine

by Katie on October 10, 2011

I’ve proclaimed my love for chevron many times before. Imagine my excitement when I saw these little numbers pop up in my inbox.

While I usually prefer the perfectly spaced clean lines, these are just too perfect not to share. I’m not really in the market for wedding stationary…but then again, when has not being in the market for something ever stopped me from not swooning over it?! *sigh*

Find (and purchase) these lovely items from Delphine!


Modern Calligraphy

by Katie on April 4, 2011

I’m all about fonts, as you know! I’ve always loved calligraphy, of course – it’s an art all it’s own – but I am madly in love with “modern calligraphy”. I’m not sure if it’s technically a term used to describe a special group of calligraphy fonts, but ever since I stumbled upon these gorgeous invitations (designed by the clearly awesome Debi Zeinert), I refer to any non-stuffy calligraphy-like fonts as “modern calligraphy”. So pretty and elegant, yet fun!

Download: Honey Script | Doris Day | Antrokas | Skin Deep BB | akaDora | Monterey BT | I’m Bored

Marvelous! Any other font (or calligraphy) lovers out there? What’s your favorite these days? Soooooo many good ones out there!


Birthday Calendar

by Katie on February 25, 2011

Keeping track of all the birthdays in your life can be tricky. Even if most of the people you know are on Facebook, which reminds you daily who is celebrating a birthday, it’s hard to plan for things like sending cards.

I’ve been wanting to make a card file for a while and I figured, why wait any longer? A card file you ask? Yes, a file to keep track of who you send cards to and when. This is the calendar that I will attach to file folders, where I’ll stash a pretty collection of cards, addressed, stamped and (almost) ready to send.

And NO! It’s not cheating…it’s just an organizational tool to help you stay on track of birthdays (and holidays)…a tool to help you make others feel remembered and loved. πŸ˜‰

If you’re a fan of organization goodies like this, you should check out this marvelous printable weekly planner that my [Phi Mu] sister Brittany made. Isn’t it fabulous?! Love it. So cute and colorful!

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