Dino Hoodies

by Katie on August 2, 2012

I saw this via Pinterest a while ago and finally sat down to do it!

I have two of THE most adorable nephews on the planet. Nay, in the solar system. Noah, who just turned the big T.W.O., occasionally indulges in an episode of Dinosaur Train, so I thought he might get a kick out of a dinosaur hoodie. I didn’t want to leave Jonah (his baby brother) out, I made him one as well. It’s even smaller and dare I say, even more adorable!

Here they are! Noah’s is the blue one, and Jonah’s is the grey.

The pictures don’t give their tiny cuteness justice!

If you have a dinosaur lover in your life who might like something like this, check out this great tutorial on how to make one!

Oh, and must tell you – Noah roars like a dinosaur and it is quite possibly the most darling roar you’ll ever hear.


Blog Friend | Now That’s Pretty

by Katie on May 30, 2012

Making “internet friends” is awesome. Most of the time, anyway. I’m excited to share with you one of my blogging internet friends in a post what will hopefully be the first of many (next on my list is Rachel from Boston Not Common). πŸ˜€

Meet Ally, a self-proclaimed lover of color and all things pretty. It’s easy to see why we get along, no?

Ally authors Now That’s Pretty, a blog FULL of colorful DIY projects, party ideas, outfit inspiration, and travel stories. She’s from England, which counts for extra cool points in my book. You simply must go check out her blog, RIGHT NOW! And then come back and keep reading.

If you missed this on her blog, which you just came back from checking out, watch this.

You already feel like friends, right?

Since color and DIY are her thing, she put together a simple DIY project for me to share with all y’all! Let me hand things over to her….

Hi there, I’m Ally from and I thought I would share a fun DIY with you all to brighten up your day. I teach a primary school art class and I love it. My only annoyance is how crayons are so thin; the moment little kids concentrate and press super hard the brittle little things snap in two and the wobbly bottom lips come out in force. It’s no fun for them and leaves me with a load of wax crayon stubs. So I thought I’d make some chunky crayons that are super perfect for little hands (and super cute for me). Enjoy!

First find a big tub of crayons, go as traditional as possible and make sure they feel nice and waxy (if they feel too smooth they won’t melt as well).

Now you chop happy and splice your crayons into tiny chunks.

Find a silicon mold and fill to the top with crayon chunks. Chop twice as much as you think you’ll need and keep them back for later. You can either keep to the same colours or mix for a multicoloured crayon. Don’t worry about colours mixing, they always stay nice and separate.

Now here’s the heating part. I tried in the microwave as I thought it would be the most mess-free solution but sadly this had no effect. I recommend trying it though just in case it works for you. Instead I placed my silicone tray in a very shallow pan of water and brought it the boil.

As soon as your crayons start melting they will take up less space so top them up with some more chunks and allow these to melt.

Now move the pan off the heat and allow to cool for about an hour.

Test to see if your crayons are ready by giving them a firm prod. They should be super hard. Now pop em out and brighten your day!

Have a lovely day everyone! And thank you Katie for letting me share this DIY with you.

Thanks so much, Ally, for giving us such a great blog to read and for sharing your project with us!

Oh! And here is an all-in-one image if you’d like to pin it! :)


crochet baby hats

by Katie on February 22, 2012

Disclaimer: I do not have baby fever. I am learning to crochet and have started obsessing over all of the projects I might be able to do one day. πŸ˜€

If you follow any females on Pinterest, chances are they have a board or two that have to do with babies and kids (some actually have kids, and many of us don’t…not yet anyway!). And, if they like cute little things and adorable photography, chances are they have pinned a picture of a tiny baby wearing an even tinier (and in some cases, larger) hat! Since many of those hats can be knitted or croched, I have taken quite an interest. πŸ˜‰

Check out some of these charming little finds! They aaaaaalmost make me want to have babies… like, 73 years.

Credits :)
1. Boutique Pink Petals Hat for Newborns by My Sweet Potato 3 – buy it here.
2. Baby Boy Earflap Hat by Classy Colors Boutique – buy it here!
3. Green Monster Newborn Baby Hat by Fashion Touch – buy it here.
4. Soft Shells Baby Ear Flap Hat Crochet Pattern (428) by Sunset Crochet Patterns and Projects – buy it here!
5. Shell Stitch Beanie from The Dainty Daisy – find the pattern here!
6. Baby Bear Hat by Maybe Matilda – buy the pattern here!
7. Rainbow Pom Elf Hat by Kriner Creations – buy it here!



by Katie on December 5, 2011

I am SO in love with the crazy-awesome garlands I have been seeing all over the place these days!! What’s not to love? They are colorful, pretty, and can be made every which way. Perfection!

Here are a few of my favorites, all of which you can DIY. I wonder if the husband would mind if I just strung these all over the house…. πŸ˜‰

Felted Wool Balls


Probably my favorite (at the moment). I love love LOVE the way these look, whether spaced out on a string like the garland above, or strung like pearls like these, all in one color or in every color of the rainbow, with the same sized balls or a mix. Just so cheery and festive! And I think a little part of me finds them Seussical, which is always a good thing! If you’re in the mood to get crafty, check out this fab tutorial so you can make your own!

Sewn Wool Felt Circles


More felt! Just in a different form. By the time you cut out all of these circles, your hand might actually fall off, but how CUTE would it look hanging in your home (or office)?! So fun! I like these best when the circles are different sizes. Want to make one? Check out this great tutorial!

Sewn Paper Circles


The thing I love about the paper version of sewn circle garlands is that paper comes in every style imaginable style with endless designs! Also, you can get punches in a bunch of sizes, saving your hands from tracing and cutting each circle. Follow the tutorial above if you want to create one of these beauties, just swap out paper for felt. OR! You could sandwich same-size circles along some twine or yarn with glue for a new-sew version.


A fun spin on the felted wool ball garland, minus the felting!, the site from which the photo above is from also has a great tutorial on how to make one yourself. Check it out here!

Paper Pompoms

More papers and more circles! Yesss! This one is a mix of the pompoms and the paper circles. So much color! Love it. Find the fabulous tutorial for the garland above right here!

Are you a garland fan? Have you made one for yourself or been wanting to try one (and if so, which one)? Which should I try first?! πŸ˜€


Chevron Pillows = Finished

by Katie on September 12, 2011

Hurrah! I finally sat down to work on my chevron pillows. I made four – two blue and creamy white and two bright green and white (I only have the blue ones pictured here). You like?

I love them! I didn’t need more pillows, but how can I resist the chevron I love so much!? The blue ones are for our couch and the green ones I took to work and gave one away (we don’t have the best chairs – my back is never comfortable).

Making a pillow is super simple, so if you’re wanting to learn how to sew and need some new pillows, I suggest giving them a try! Working with a pattern like chevron can be a little tricky if you like your patterns to match up a certain way. But, if you’re not too picky or want to take the time to make sure everything matches up correctly, go for it!

Here are a few shots!

I got my pillow forms from the Garment District in LA and the fabric (both colors) from (it’s actually on sale right now if you’re looking to buy some!).

Have you sewn any pillows recently, chevron or otherwise? What other creative projects are you working on right now?

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Noah’s Pirate Costume

by Katie on September 5, 2011

Fiiinally! Pictures of the pirate costume I made for my favorite nephew, Noah. I think I should have added a little bandana/scarf for his head and a belt (red, maybe?) and a felt sword….

Noa’s first birthday was pirate themed, so I thought this would be a fun present. :)

I was able to finish up everything alright, except the inside of the vest. I didn’t have a pattern to go off of and I couldn’t find any good guidelines online (though honestly I didn’t look too hard), so I cheated on two seams….but most of it looked alright.

The embroidery on the back (the skull and crossbones and “Noah”) was done by my fabulous Auntie Mary who does custom embroidery on everything under the sun. She won’t let me set up an Etsy account for her (or a website) so if you’re lookin’ to get something embroidered, I can hook you up with her contact info! :) She does fabulous things!

Thanks to Emily (Noah’s mom) for the picture!

What shall I work on next…

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T-shirt Quilt Tutorials

by Katie on September 1, 2011

One of my beloved littles (Phi Mu little sis), Morgan, mentioned she’s gearing up to make a t-shirt quilt. She asked if I had any good resources. At the time I didn’t, but after a little research, I think the links below will be quite helpful!

I’ve never made a t-shirt quilt before…mostly because I don’t have enough t-shirts of the same color and/or color combinations to make one that I could stand looking at for the rest of forever (I’m weird like that). BUT, I think the idea is a good one – such a good way to keep all those fun t-shirts around without them taking up space in a closet or drawer. Or, if you’re like my wonderful husband, there are some shirts that you’ll wear until they are full of holes. So, before you’re left with a barely-there shirts, crop them and stitch them into a quilt!

Check these out if you’re thinking about turning your Ts into a blanket!

The Dixie Chicken (Part One)
Crafts by Abby

Have you ever made a t-shirt quilt? Any tips for Morgan? If you have pictures of any t-quilts you have made (or received), send ’em on over! I’d love to share them!

I shall leave you with this fabulous example of a t-shirt quilt, made with Ts from my fabulous alma mater, Mizzou. I might just have to make one of these our of all of our MU shirts (though I think a Phi Mu one would be fun, too). :)

This lovely quilt is from T-Quilts by Laura


Simple Bracelet Tutorial

by Katie on April 6, 2011

Ever find some beads and think to yourself, “Oh, I’d like to have those on a bracelet…” but don’t know how? Here are a few simple steps to follow to turn just about any string of beads into some wearable art! Let’s get started!


– a crimper [buy]
– a needle nose pliers (you might not actually need these, I just think they help while working with tiny things) [buy]
– beading wire [buy]
– beads [SO many to pick from here]
– a clasp (here I used a toggle clasp, but lobster claw clasps are very common too!)
– a charm, if you fancy (the bee I have here is from Beads of La Jolla) [find more here]
– crimp beads [buy]

The left is a closeup shot of some crimp beads, the bee charm, and the toggle clasp. On the right is a closeup (and blurry, sorry!) shot of what a crimping tool looks like.

Cut some of your wire, at least a few inches longer than the desired length of the finished bracelet. Take one of your crimp beads and feed one end of the wire through it, then feed one of the halves of your clasp onto the wire. Take that same end of the wire and feed it back through the crimp bead.

Next, use your crimper to crimp the crimp bead! Here is how to use one (I’ll let the pictures do the talking, because I’m pretty sure I’d just be confusing if I tried to write it out)!

Once you have one end of your bracelet secure, feed on your beads in any order you wish! Here I used black onyx beads and golden seed beads. If you can, slide your beads over the little short nubbin of wire that’s not the wire you’re stringing beads onto. If your beads are too small, clip the little leftover off with a nail clippers (other tools work well, I’m sure, I’ve just had the easiest time with clippers, especially compared to scissors).

When you have enough beads to fill the length of the bracelet, it’s time to attach the other end of your clasp. Repeat the first step(s) with another crimp bead, the other end of your clasp, and your crimper. If you can feed some of the “left over” wire through additional beads at the end, do it! Otherwise, clip any excess after you have crimped the final crimp. Note: try to leave just enough space at the end so that the bracelet is still flexible (if you pull your wire too tight, it’ll be hard to wrap the bracelet around your wrist).

Aaaand that’s pretty much it! If want to add a charm, take a jumpring, twist it apart just enough to slip on the charm and attach it to your bracelet, then twist it back together.

I realized I don’t have a finished picture of this bracelet – woops! I’m making these for the girls at work for the company’s birthday coming up in May – yay! I still have a few more to make so hopefully I’ll get a picture up eventually!


Easy Fabric Flower Tutorial

by Katie on March 24, 2011

I love fabric flowers! Probably because I have a fabric obsession and flowers make me happy…I guess it only makes sense. :)

I have been wanting to try a new fabric flower “pattern” so I came up with this (though I am certain it has been done before, many, many times). I thought it was going to be harder than it actually ended up being, so yay! Here goes!

You’ll need:
– Fabric (you only need a little, and [obvi] the bigger the flower you want, the more fabric you need!) – I uses a stretch knit here (that I got in the garment district in LA!! :)), but you can use just about anything.
– Scissors
– Needle
– Thread

The steps:
Cut a total of 9 circles (or almost-circles – they don’t have to be perfect)! Five (5) “big” ones, and four (4) “little” ones. The little ones should be just a tiny bit smaller than the big ones, though honestly I’m not sure if it matters at all if they are different sizes.

Take one big piece and lay it flat on your work surface. Take two more big pieces and fold them in half, laying them beside each other (the straight sides touching) on top of the flat piece.

Stitch an adorable little X right in the center of your soon-to-be fabric flower.

Next, take your last two remaining “big” circles and fold them in half and place them straight sides touching, on top of your already stitched pieces. Rotate this layer 90 degrees so the straight edges make an X.

Stitch another cute little X right through the center, and this time you’ll be going through all three “layers” of the flower.

Take your four little circles and fold them in half.

Take each piece and layer them so that half of each folded circle is covered by half of another. In the end, it should look something like this picture.

Pick up your layer of layered folded fabric circles and place them on top of what you already have started. Make sure the “intersection” of all the pieces are as close together as you can get them, then stitch yet another sweet stitch right through the middle, through all the layers. Make a couple X stitches if you like! Pull your thread tight enough so that the top layers start to fold in on themselves (just a little).

Flip over your flower and knot it off on the back to make sure it doesn’t fall apart later.

Flip it back over and voila! You have yourself one totally rad fabric flower! Ruffle it up if your layers are still sticking together, or just give it a little shake.

I whipped up a few of these and attached them to some simple t-shirts I picked up from Target for three lovely little ladies that reside in Iowa. I got them in the mail today! You like? I hope the girls like them! Now I need to make something for myself….


Stuffed Magazine

by Katie on February 22, 2011

If you’re crafty and like cute (and silly and crazy) things, Stuffed is the magazine for YOU! If the covers aren’t enough to pull you in (I mean really, how adorable ARE they?!), just LOOK at some of the images INSIDE (below the text)!

Here is what the mag has to say about itself:

A crocheted bird … a felt monster … a cat made from an old sweater … so many different materials can be used to create the loveable and huggable creatures known as β€œsofties.” Stuffed: A Gathering of Softies celebrates these uniquely whimsical characters through page after page of gorgeous photos, easy-to-understand tips and techniques and an endless amount of inspiration. Veteran softie artists and new fans alike will enjoy this playful look at stuffed creatures of all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Seeing all of these pretties just makes me wanted to get out my supplies and craft the day away. Anyone else?

Find out more about Stuffed magazine by checking out its website!

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