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by Katie on February 2, 2014

I put a lot of weight in the “customer experience”. Sure, sometimes it doesn’t make much of a difference – if you want a candy bar and you’re too lazy to go anywhere but the CVS a block away, most likely, you’re going to go there no matter what. BUT! When a business goes above and beyond to make your experience with them is a good one, or a GREAT one, it stands out. That extra mile, for me, usually means the difference between indifference and extreme loyalty.

As a person who “works in marketing”, I consider it my duty to spread words of LOVE about a company who seems to be doing things right (at least when it comes to customer experience)! This post, my friends, is full of love for a company for which I will be forever faithful – Tea Forté.

I’ve loved tea for a while. Am I an expert? No. Do I drink a lot of it? Yes. Last November, the hubby and I took a trip to India where we saw how ingrained tea was in the culture. Of course, their tea of choice is chai (YUM!). Seeing the industry around this one single drink (and after vising various tea shops and rooms) sparked a, dare I say, new passion for me. I came home excited to learn about the history of this historic beverage, and the culture that surrounded it.

Over Christmas, I received a bunch of tea related presents from various members of my family (though I don’t think it was planned ;) ). One of the gifts was a Pugg Ceramic Teapot from Tea Forté (thanks Grandma and Pa O!). I’ve used it almost every day since. It was perfect – the infuser was perfect for all my loose leaf teas, and the metal lid, which kept my tea warmer longer, popped off for easier cleaning. It was true love.


And then one horrible afternoon, I realized the infuser had gone missing! I destroyed the kitchen looking for it (Brandon helped), but nothing! We came to the conclusion that the kitchen elves must have sneaked in and carried it away (though we were probably both silently blaming the other for accidentally tossing it). But, this is where the story starts to gets good.

Sad but not hopeless, I hopped onto and searched for a replacement infuser for my beloved Pugg. Surely they would have a simple replacement I could pick up for a few bucks! After a few minute of looking and not finding what I was looking for, I thought I’d email the customer service address to see if perhaps I had missed it on the website. Not expecting much, other than perhaps an email reply a week or two later, I explained what had happened and clicked “send”, then devised a way to use my pretty pot without its infuser.

A day later, an email appeared in my inbox. It was none other than Colby, a Customer Experience representative from Tea Forté! A reply in 24 hours? I think I really like you. But what did Colby say in this email of his? That if I would provide my mailing address, he would send me a replacement for free. FOR FREE. No hoops to jump through, no payment to make, no shipping to pay! You have won me over for life. Sure, the infuser probably cost pennies to make and a few dollars more to ship, but the small gesture means a whole lot more to me. It fills me up with warm fuzzies just thinking about it (just like a nice hot cup of tea)! So I am going forth and proclaiming my love for Tea Forté! THANK YOU!

While I am always in favor of shopping small and local, I can’t help but to fall in love with a company, no matter its size, that treats me right.

Thanks Colby, and Tea Forté, for being awesome!

And since, you know, Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d share a few of the items on my wishlist (ahem, Brandon, hope you’re reading ;) ).

1. Kati Tea Brewing System in Birch Forest (it even has my name on it! ;) | 2. Tangerine Rosemary White Loose Leaf Tea Canister | 3. Diva Glass Teapot and Infuser | 4. Chamomile Citron Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Pouch

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Mom February 4, 2014 at 8:47 pm

You make me thirsty. ;-D


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